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At Neon, we build products that matter. We work closely with our partners to ensure we succeed alongside them. That means building what the market needs, instead of making assumptions. We set our creative egos aside and we listen more than we speak. Our skilled team turns ideas into products, products into businesses, and scales companies so they can take the keys and drive. 

Sometimes the products we're building require additional talent in specific areas that we either don’t have yet or need more of on a short-term basis. So we’re creating a community of Freelancers who are interested in helping us and our partners create impactful products that will make a difference in the world -- building products that people love. 

Who you are

That’s where you come in. We’d love to connect with you if you are a Freelancer who is committed to doing great work and excellent at your craft.   

Are you a master in UI/UX design, product strategy, software development, project management, digital marketing or any other realm in the digital product space?  Are you looking for more opportunities to work with collaborative people, do work that moves the world, have flexibility in your day and align with purpose-driven values?

You’re in the right place.

What you’ll get 

Opportunities to work on products that are making an impact and changing lives

Freedom to work where you are or want to be

Access to virtual events, tools, training and other development resources to become even better at what you do

What we expect from you

Your commitment to excellence and delivering quality work on time 

Dedication to working collaboratively with our team members

Commitment to freelance life. In other words, Freelancing is your thing-- you’re not floating in between jobs waiting for the next big thing.


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